Simple File Server with NAS Storage!

I have been asked the question so many times lately about file servers. What is the best, what should I use, what OS, what RAID, and the list goes on. I usually take the scenario into consideration and spit out the usual answer of Linux and Samba. That was then but now I have changed my tune. NAS (network attached storage) has changed all of this. It has made file servers a complete breeze. It is almost as easy as plug and play and you have a file server.

The Dlink DNS-323 is a real treat, an absolute gem! Here is the low down of the features:

It has a 10/100/1000 gigabit network so it has full support for even the fastest gigabit networks! A real handy feature is the USB print server, no need for expensive ethernet printers. Just plug a USB printer into the Dlink DNS-323 and you have a file and print server. It has 2 hard drive bays offering RAID 0, RAID 1, standard, JBOD (Linear). The great design makes this totally screwless so no need for any tools. A built in FTP server makes files available over the internet is absolutely brilliant. This is such a great feature to have and once you have it you will never live without it. You can schedule downloads be it torrents, FTP or web-downloads. One of the most important features of a file server is redundancy and data protection. With the Dlink DNS-323 it has full backup support and incremental backup support, keeping your data coupled with RAID your are in safe hands. If you are in an office, the user groups and folder permissions are another must. Create groups for different types of users and private folders for others. The Dlink makes this a breeze! It even has full quota support to stop staff abusing what space you have available! If you are using this at home it has UPnP AV Server for Streaming Music, Photos, and Video to Compatible Media Players. iTunes Software will be able to automatically find and play music directly from the Dlink DNS-323. The cream on the top though is that everything is configurable through any web browser. It is really simple and takes away all the difficulties in configuring and maintaining a file server.

So forget that Linux file server that I would have told you to make. Forget that un-stable and expensive Windows solution that will have you paying out through your teeth in licensing fee. NAS storage can have all these benifits, just making it a whole lot easier!

Dlink DNS-323

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