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I recently outgrew my shared hosting environment and decided it was time to go shopping for a new VPS (virtual private server).  A VPS  is a virtual server that is hosted in a container on a server enabling you to essentially have multiple stand alone servers on the same machine.

What I needed was something reliable, cost effective and a company that would offer me support when needed. I searched high and low and I came out with some cheap providers, some exhobitantly expensive providers and everntually found a sort of average price. The company that stood out and seemed to shine was a company that I had never heard of Wiredtree. I could not find anything negative about them, their prices seemed average and all I heard about was the phenominal support and reliability, the 2 most important aspects of a server host.  I decided to give them a trial run.

I signed up and paid my fees and got my login details. I chose a pretty simple Centos Linux box, with 384Mb Guaranteed ram, 40Gb hard drive and 1000gb of traffic allowance.  This was ample for me and I could see this taking me foreward for at least a year or 2. Wiredtree were brilliant, from the outset they helped in migrating my sites across and went well above and beyond the call of duty. Being fairly new to Linux I made many errors and even errors that I made and ended up breaking my VPS, Wiredtree support staff were only happy to assist and fixed my whoopsies. They never complained and all the tickets were answered in a very timely manner. Most get answered in about about 5 to 10 minutes. I am based in England in the UK and even with the big time zone difference the support staff were always available to help me when needed.

After about 6 months I got notice from them that they were going to upgrade my VPS and give me 512Mb of ram at no extra cost. This made the solution what at first was an average price to a great price and I still keep the brilliant support. You get what you pay for and this is what kept me away from the cheaper VPS solutions but in the case of Wiredtree I have found that you get what you pay for and you get the same again and more for free. A fully managed solution at a really good price.

They also give you loads of extras. If you are a novice to Linux, you have CPanel installed which makes your server admin a breeze. You get nighly backups of your system incase you do soimething that even their gurus can not fix. You get proactive monitoring and updates to you software oo so if an exploit pops up, you are patched before you have time to log in.  They also provide you with server monitoring of your essential services. If you have a mem issue and IMAP goes down or Apache dies, the monitoring will alert Wiredtree to the problem and will even restart the service automatically.  This was a load off my shoulders as I now have my own VPS, very capable staff, a wallet that is not sretched to its limits and all my sites on a network with 100% uptime guarantee. I could not recommend a better host. This is saying allot as we host all my companys servers at RackSpace and if I had the choice, Wiredtree would win every time.

Go have a look at Wiredtree and you have my word that you will not be dissapointed.


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  1. I’m definitely agreed with your opinion. For me, wiredtree offer great services and support with the cheap prices compare to other providers. I’m talking base on my experience.

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