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If you have made your way here you probably know exactly what a VPN and a VPN service is, if not I shall give you a brief explanation. A VPN is a virtual private network and what that boils down to is a secure network link between 2 networks over the internet. There are many reasons why you would need this but some of the more ‘practical uses’ for this is anonymity, security and a handy tool to bypass pesky geotargeting systems.

VyprVPN is a commercial service that offers various different options from openVPN protocol to PPTP and can even be used on your portable devices like iPads, iPhones and even your Android devices. VyprVPN seems to have stemmed from the ‘sharing’ community which to me is a great indicator that your personal identity will be well protected as many of them do not keep logs and if they do they are usually not kept for very long. With more and more countries tightening up their laws surrounding surfing the internet, bittorent downloads and your internet habits, your privacy is becoming more and more at risk. Services such as VyprVPN are becoming a requirement. Even if they are not monitoring some countries even go as far as to block sites and this tool provides a perfect way to use these services as well as keep your IP safe and your identity unknown. What I have found so far with VyprVPN is good speed and geographic points to connect as well as great support. They also support more protocols than many other providers and as mentioned a huge benifit is their support for mobile devices.

As with all services, you want to get to the results… Show me the money!!! VyprVPN stands up well here in most regards. If you are someone who likes to watch geotargeted programs such as hulu.com and shows on comedycentral.com you are in luck. I managed to watch these perfectly (from London) without any stop-starts or buffering issues which I have not been able to do with other services. I have also done some speed tests but please note when looking at these, the tests are based out of London so the hop to Hong Kong and the USA will be much bigger than the hop to the Netherlands and USA users will have much lowers pings when using this service and likely higher speeds. I have Virgin Media cable internet line which is up to 10Mbps download and 512kbps download.

So in conclusion, I am very impressed with VpyrVPN, it does everything it says on the tin and more, it is simple to use, simple to install and I am left feeling safe browsing and downloading. There does not seem to be too much of a handbrake when running through the VPN so it does not interfere with my day to day work. Would I recommend it to a friend, hell yeah, I am now using it myself!

Review at a glace
The VPN was simple to install and by following easy and clear instructions even novice users can configure and install.
I found the speed when using locations near to me where great. Connecting to Hong Kong and Los Angeles were slower but the main thing is they were stable so streaming was possible.
Support was super fast and I had responses to my queries within minutes
The very slight negative was the fact that I was using the built in PPTP support which does not automatically re-connect if disconnected which to normal users could be a problem.
The service is unobtrusive, it does everything it says on the tin and most importantly, it keeps your privacy intact. I would recommend it!

8 thoughts on “VyprVPN Review

  1. Hi Debashish

    I have been using it and have been connecting to hulu.com with vyprvpn to watch and I have had no problems.

  2. Since you’ve used both Hide My Ass and Vypr VPN – which do you prefer? Any major differences or selling points between the two?

  3. Hi Squiggle

    That is a tough one, both have there benefits over each other. HMA! VPN has a huge presence, they have servers in nearly every county you could want which is a huge plus and spreads their appeal. The rule of thumb is pretty much the closer you are to the VPN the better performance you should expect. This makes HMA! a top choice for many, I also really like their client as you can easily select a VPN in the county you like with no configuration changes needed. VyprVPN on the other hand has far fewer points but the performance I got was the best I have had from any other provider. The performance alone is worth paying for with VyprVPN and huge footprint of HMA! VPN is also worth the money.

  4. When I compare with Price/Performance ratio, I say boxpn (www.boxpn.com). They are providing great performance, customer support. Price is between 3.75 to 6 usd per month for yearly subscriptions. Unbelievable.

  5. I Am very upset with this company Goldenfrog and their Vypr VPN service. Reinstalling my Operating System was a pain and losing all my files has really caused stress due to their software. They did not even give me a refund. i want everyone to know how cruel and cold hearted this company is.

    I hope you all avoid this company VyprVPN service and this does not happen to you!!!

  6. Vypr is definitely overpriced compared to the competition. They do however offer pretty decent support and extremely fast speeds. Their mobile app also give them a leg up.

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