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Provider : Hide My IP
Price : Once off : $29.95
Overall Rating : 2 / 5
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UPDATE : I have heard from Hide My IP and would just like to state some corrections. Firstly, the official term why my purchase did not go through was because I was placed on ‘manual review’ as I was ordering through a VPN. I also have confirmation that no P2P or IRC will not work through this app.

I have recently done a review on the Hide My Ass VPN service and I have had such a possitive feedback I thought I would see what else it out there and help out by doing some more reviews. Another cloaking service that popped up and shares a similar name is Hide My IP. I browsed over to their site and it seemed quite jumbled up. I eventually got to the page and clicked on order and instead of a smooth process my application was flagged as ‘possible fraud’. Not a good start so far…

I waited and after 30 minutes I had not recieved a confirmation to my purchase so I proceeded to download the application. Don’t fall into the trap that I did, the software asked me to restart but I ignored it and then the software failed to work. I rebooted and fired the app up and it was all really easy. The software is simple to use and very self explanatory. The options are simple but there is very little to customise.

The testing I did was done using cachfly to download a 100Mb file but this failed to go through the software. Likewise when I used a bit torrent client, it was not hiding my IP. I am not sure if this is a big in the system but it is definitely a false sense of security. I tried to access speedtest.net and I was unable to get the page to load. Browsing was laggy and very un responsive. I was also unable to bypass services like Hulu.com geo-targeting.

In conclusion, I was pretty unhappy with Hide My IP. If I had to make the recommendation, I would advise against using Hide My IP and rather go for something like Hide My Ass which is a true VPN service which offers full security, good speeds and much more flexibility.

If you know a service that you would like me to look into, let me know and I will happily write a review on it.

For those people looking for a good VPN provider, I have negotiated a deal with Hide My Ass VPN from $6.55pm
Review at a glace
The app is simple to install and very easy to use. A novice could easy install it, understand it and use it
I changed IP's a few times and tried a few countries and had constant 'Page not found' and very slow speeds. It was too slow to use as an always on solution.
Support was slow and I am still waiting for my response.
I struggled to get the app to work correctly as my pages tied out and speeds were painfully slow. Maybe I chose a really bad day to use it on but reliability was bad.
I did not have much joy with this app/service at all. I found it slow and restricted and in the end I would have to recommend you pass on this.

8 thoughts on “Hide My IP Review

  1. Peace be with you all,

    I was actually looking to Order Hide-My-IP until I reached here. I already ordered it last morning but my order was “FLAGGED” I was like “What the heck it could be” because it was something I faced very first time in my life. It says about 30 minutes pending and you shall receive a confirmation email etc. But it has been almost 24 hours and I received nothing. When I contacted the support team they said “Your order was declined” .. Huh?! 0_0

    I thought to bring it in my computer because it has one time fee only but I think I should make my turn and give a try to Hide My Ass.

    Mr. Khan

  2. Decided to install Hide My IP for evaluation. Easy to install and set up; correctly reconfigured my Firefox network settings.

    So far so good… I used the “Hide My IP” option. Went to whatismyip.com, and my public IP is still my real IP, rendering the entire application useless. So 0/5 from me.

  3. I installed hide my ip 6.0 on my computer and activated trial version of the software it assigns new ip randomly from their network (limited for trial) and it hides my ip , so i bought program and premium service now i can hide ip in all online applications, seems all working also i found coupon code hideip18 for discount .

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